Transforming Lives through Enterprise

The ASV story started in April 2011, with the dream of building and developing sustainable enterprises in rural communities within ASEAN. Applying sound and cautious business principles with a social angle, ASV's focus was in developing rural enterprises that can produce widescale social impact. Not interested merely in uplifting a single individual or a single family, the founders traveled around the ASEAN region in search of viable enterprises that we can develop and seed fund.

Within one year, ASV had developed multiple enterprises in Indonesia and the Philippines, and explored many others throughout Thailand and Myanmar. Our Indonesia enterprise projects include a crab grow-out farm, a seaweed processing and trading center, a seaweed farm and a seafood export center. 

Our experience in Indonesia with seaweed plantation development brought us to Davao, Philippines to seek out expansion opportunities and this inadvertently led us to another scalable commodity in coconuts. Traditionally, the Philippines is known as the world's major exporters of coconuts and coconut byproducts. This abundant supply and demand of coconut products allowed ASV to create a scalable enterprise piloted with the 4 local partners.

As of 2012, ASV has partnerships with 10 different copra managers across Davao, serving and supporting 10 different rural coconut farming communities and more than 1,800 rural workers through these partnerships.